Tracy and Eric

As we pondered how to introduce ourselves, we considered the things that might be important to you as you consider adoption for your baby. We are thankful you are taking the time to read a little about us, and we hope that we are able to share a glimpse of who we are and the things we value. We can only imagine how difficult it is to take this step, and we admire your strength wholeheartedly.

We have been together for over 10 years, married for 5. The love we have for each other has grown in many ways over the years during both the happy times and the difficult ones. Our relationship is built on respect, trust, love, communication, laughter, and an appreciation of who we are as individuals.
Tracy is wonderful at noticing the tiny things in life, from a ladybug on a leaf to a bird chattering in a tree and is excited to discover these wonders with our child. Tracy loves animals, but has a special devotion to kitties including our own cat Maisy and several neighborhood friends who visit each day. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, walking, and traveling. Tracy cares deeply for children and has shown this through her devotion to the field of Early Childhood Education for the past 20 years. She has been a teacher of young children from ages 0-5, and has worked with families and educators from many diverse cultures and backgrounds. Her work is more than that, it is part of who she is.

Eric is a fun-loving person who has a zest for life. You can find him dancing around the house as he plays tunes from his record collection. He is also a musician himself and looks forward to sharing this passion with our child. Eric plays the drums, guitar, piano, and writes some pretty touching songs. He is very creative, from his work in technology to his skills in the kitchen. He also enjoys designing our garden, a passion his mom passed along to him. Eric will be a wonderful dad. He is sensitive, patient, and is incredibly supportive of those he loves.

Living in San Francisco offers us many opportunities to do the things we enjoy together, such as travel, hiking, exploring cultural sites, seeing live music and experiencing yummy food from all over the world. In our diverse neighborhood, we are surrounded by parks, restaurants, and public transportation. On weekends we often visit nearby beaches. The ocean is a place that resonates with both of us. We can’t wait to share this love and build sandcastles with our child. We take great pride in our home, as it is cozy, fun, and inviting. One of our favorite places is our patio and outdoor area where we can relax, play, and enjoy time with friends and family.

Relationships with those we love are a very important part of our life. We have dear friends we have known for years in the San Francisco area and feel so lucky to have them close. We enjoy playdates with them and their young children and often spend holidays and birthdays together. Our families are scattered across the country in Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, and North Carolina. We enjoy visiting them throughout the year and welcome them to San Francisco as well. We have both learned how important family and friends are and cherish these moments together. Eric’s mom passed away several years ago which taught us to embrace these moments even more.

Although, we have not been able to have a child, we are excited about welcoming a child into our lives through adoption. We believe connecting two families through adoption can enrich a child’s life, whatever that might look like. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to read our story. We wish you the best in your decision. If you would like to learn more about us, and share with us your hopes for your baby, we would be thrilled to talk further. You can reach us anytime toll-free at 1 844 682 4663, or through email at Or if you prefer, you can contact our adoption counselor, Lisa Clark, at 1 800 969 6665.